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Animated Double Exposures
A thought is a pulsation force that appears in our minds, and it comes from our experiences in our world. Those thoughts seem, at times, to be all over the place, but sometimes we can experience moments of lucidity where we can see a clear picture on how our mind navigates. Finally we can contemplate ourselves, the actual present and feel.

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Copyright © Daniel Barreto, 2013

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We all leave a trace 
This is a project I worked on all summer.
Using different methods capturing the trace of birds flying and other things like the last one. 
There’s no use of ‘Photoshop’ here they’re all created only by long exposures. 
I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a brief description: 
Photographs of Flying birds using long exposures. Using a projector to project simple animations of changing colors leaving a trace on the final photographs of the track of the birds flying. 

Daniel Barreto

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